The Clingfilm Survival Diaries

(Chocolate Monk - choc.496) CDR $6.75

Karl M V Waugh doesn’t let his day job as software developer sour him —far from it. Big Hairy has used his work-from-home schedule to put in the obligatory Zoom meetings, do the minimum amount required, and then set about developing his own noise-making apps. Priorities, people! One of which is a crude looper with manual varispeed control per loop with a very tactile approach, albeit a tad chaotic, like Pierre-André Arcand’s Macchina Ricordi for the Tik Tok generation. This album is made up of four shards from improvisations where Waugh runs various live sources into his phone and from phone to handheld recorder. All via the lens of exhaustion, parenthood, home working, and lockdown 2020. Edition of 60