Consumer Electronics

(RRRecords) 3xLP $150.00 (Out-of-stock)

Eight tracks from their 1982 self-released cassette Public Attack, eight more from Leathersex cassette (Iphar 1982), plus live recordings from The Nailsea School and The Centro Iberico. 1993 release. Box with paste-on art. With insert sheet. Edition of 300


Horn Of The Goat

(Freek) Used CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Odd collaboration from 1995 by drummer Stuart Dennison, Philip Best on oscillators, guitarist Gary Mundy, Matthew Bower on loops, and Masami Akita on EMS synth. Space-age phazer noise, trumpets, ambience, yelping female, saccharine dreck melting into top-shelf screech.


Nobody’s Ugly

(No Fun) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two tracks from 2007 by Philip Best, produced by William Bennett. “A symphonic tirade of distortion and industrial noise signals…. On ‘Black Cotton Wool’ there's some rampaging, squealing menace lurking beneath the surface, whereas ‘Grubbing’ relies upon a low frequency throb that seems to have undergone some sort of time-stretching and EQing to maximize the stomach-upsetting potential.


Teenage Nuremburg

(Pure) Used CD $15.00

1995 CD collecting six tracks of pure noise by Phillip Best from 1982-83, long before noise music became a genre. Shortwave radio, primitive delay and distortion effects, ranting and incoherent vocals about National Socialism, John Lennon samples, field recordings of Best’s unimpressed schoolmates.