Present Cracks

(Chocolate Monk - choc.539) CDR $6.75

Hot in the house, hot outside, hot sweaty hands poking things. Sounds of the Nottingham neighborhood of Matthew Hamblin and Lila Matsumoto of Food People. Cars barking like dogs. Voices of friends and voices from the TV. Flute, radio, tape, violin, guitar. Numbered edition of 50



(Chocolate Monk - choc.456) CDR $6.50 (Out-of-stock)

Recently observed at Supernormal festival applying salve to hungover Sunday brains, two-thirds of Food People beam in spoken word, spooling tapes, loops, violin, percussion, accordion, and wind instruments. Only the headstrong and foolish would refuse the soothing effect these intimate broadcasts bring. “Lila Matsumoto and Matthew Hamblin make sounds and words from cloth for layering or peddling piecemeal. A rouleau of songs, a bluster of raw sedge scuffed and hemmed. Or maybe a sylvan tableau in merit bone weave.” Don’t be a lunkhead. Edition of 60