Say There’s A Reason

(Roaratorio - ROAR41) 7-inch $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

The members of this mid-’60s San Francisco combo came from jazz, flamenco and R&B backgrounds, but together their psychedelic brew verges on Blue Cheer heaviness. They gigged everywhere but left behind no recorded artifacts. A deal with Vanguard went nowhere when their manager absconded to Mexico with the advance money on an ill-fated mission to buy a kilo of pot. A later incarnation of the band — with a completely different lineup and musical style — released a 45 that has since become a favorite of crate-digging DJs, but This ain’t That. These two tracks hail from 1967 and 1968. The A-Side was recorded at Nick Gravenites’s studio in Sausalito, while the sonics on the live “Hat Full Of Dreams” recalls VU’s guitar amp boot (with a solo as overdriven and atonal as this, it’s a plus). Liner notes by Jim Moscoso, rare photographs. Edition of 505.