Ode to Fidelity

(Destijl - IND085) 7-inch $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Seemingly inspired by something or someone that has pierced her young, little heart, Haley Fohr has established herself as an ambitious songwriters. Three songs that form part of the sound arc it is difficult to believe has apexed. This single promises to echo between the ears till Fohr's next full-length is complete, surely a monster.



(Destijl - IND093) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Haley Fohr’s third LP is a massive step in cohesion and fidelity. The modest, clarion sparkle of Portrait is expected considering the arc of Symphone and Sirenum, and it stands as a cornerstone and a monument, a testament to the daily practice of channeling her twenty-one-year-old roiling emotions into sound recordings.



(Destijl - IND070) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Circuit des Yeux made Sirenum in Indiana, where there aren't exactly pipers at the gates of Lafayette. It's the sound of “issues,” the sound of “troubles.” You don't get but one phone call, and, honey, the girl's voice makes this message a bit rubbly anyway. Take the manic snorts of Captain Liberty, dissonant as chalk and the next moment as melodic as sharp yet slick, metal teeth. Take the mermaid, 1988, turn the tides, gently, gently away. Selected breath / silences / selected feedback. Take an argument you have here with an empty street while the memory of high traffic is leaking back. Sirenum has a real “spiritual food” vibe and it's fucking pain and pleasure relief in this real met en zonder sort of way. This world is her world, and pipe if you like it.