Frampton Comes Alive

(La Scie Dorée - SCIE1012) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Minimal and modal keyboards,” observes the observant Volcanic Tongue about Christoph Heemann and Timo Van Luijk’s new studio recordings from a VPRO radio session and previously unreleased tracks, “somewhere between the evocative ritual of Hermann Nitsch and the whole Canterbury sound, combining aspects of progressive rock with devotional drone…. [S]unken field recordings [make] the recording feel more like an environment you can actually explore than simply a piece of unfolding music…. A major work … that combines diary, monumental sound work, free improvisation and subtle poetics.” Edition of 400



(Dom Bartwuchs - DOMBW08) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Heemann remains one of the premier European drone thinkers,” reminds our friends at Volcanic Tongue, “with a feel for space and place and for the precise workings of memory…. [Van Luijk has been moving toward] “a synthesis of improvised music, avant classical drones and filmic soundworks, and [Rumours] successfully blends those concerns with a slowly unraveling setting for heavenly drone works and small instrument interventions. There are aspects of the more ‘fantastical’ Organum settings, even Nurse With Wound’s Soliloquy For Lilith, but with a darker European ancient / future feel. Beneath the enveloping drone, odd, nagging melodies appear, like vague memories or barely construed shadows….”