Tokei Nikki

(RRRecords - RRR999) LP $15.00

Kyoto noise turntable trio BusRatch began in 1998 (and have disbanded after eleven years, making their debut vinyl release their swan song) and performed improvised music on eight turntables simultaneously. Later on, as a duo, Katsura Mori and Takahiro Yamamoto "play back" on turntables a variety of items including prepared records, cymbals, metal objects, and mouse pads, as well as constructing sound improvisationally by using the cartridge and arm as amplifiers. Plenty of abstract needle fingering, processing, repetition and extreme noise. Side one contains two elegant, contemporary avant garde compositions. On side two are ninety-nine locked grooves. They've performed with Christian Marclay, Otomo Yoshihide, Keiji Haino, Tetuzi Akiyama, Thomas Ankersmit, Utah Kawasaki, Bruno Meillier, Computer Soup, Olivia Block, Seth Nehil, and TV POW.