In Heaven

(Quasi Pop - QPOPCD062) CD $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

Dedicated to David Lynch’s Eraserhead, a cult film and soundtrack which had a profound impact on Christian Renou back in 1982, leading to an ongoing personal interest in musique concrete and electro-acoustic experiments. Edition of 300



(Somnimage - SOMCD113) CD $12.00

Exquisite drones and soundscapes by French sound-sculptor Christian Renou and the duo of Mandy Matz (Theory Anesthetic) and Mykel Boyd — one by each and two collaborative tracks. Renous treats, assembles and mixes acoustic sounds, relying on dense, rapid-fire montages and electroacoustic ambience. Bokeh transforms and layers Boyd’s processed field recordings, and adds vocals and violin. Preview it here: