For The Time Being

(Cut) Used CD $10.00

The “drone- and texture-focused track, recorded at Diapason Gallery, New York” by Hudak and Kahn, consists mainly of “field recordings … from Dobbs Ferry….” according to The Brain. “While changing slightly over its twenty-minute running time, this first piece fluctuates with minute strokes, brushing ever so softly on tiny changes and developments. Themes emerge then reemerge at steady intervals through a soft haze which blankets the rest of the oscillating cycle…. High, smooth, piercing drones inhabit this performance with light and airy shuffles slowly broadening as the loops multiply. The textures gradually come to the forefront from its muted beginnings to an exhilarating density. The second piece is more upfront, with Hudak slightly plucking a guitar subtly contrasted with the processed playing of Tovsky…, an evolving universe of sound and morphing microcosmic shapes.”