The Meta Mega

(Melon Expander - ME007) CD $13.50

In January 2007, seven-year-old Sienna Sol hosted a jam at her family's Three Kings Day party. Sienna and her friends explored the tickly extra-terrestrial voices of Old Mr. Grassi (an electronic instrument designed by Ciat-Lonbarde's Peter Blasser); an active six months followed during which Sienna and her nine-year-old friend Valentin partook of free jams on analog electronics, rock instruments, amplified bicycle, microphones, and surreal stream-of-consciousness storytelling that is image-inducing, playful, and at times, haunting. Experimenting with most of these instruments and organized-sound concepts for the first time, the duo's raw intuitive creativity surpasses the outer limits of what is usually heard in “children's music.”