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All hail The New Desolation. One of America’s premier noise bands, Boy Dirt Car returns with a sermon, or possibly a soundtrack to a beautiful yet disturbed mantra, with a possible insight to breakdown. Darren Brown, Dave Szolwinski, Dan Kubinski, Keith Brammer, Steve Whalen, and Jeff Hamilton are joined by guests Rico McCoulm, Mike Sawyer, Josh Mead and Jarrod Olman for this journey into enlightenment or dementia. Found sounds combine with interludes of thrashed out bass, distorto guitar, and manipulations alongside vocal musings, tantrums and almost choral-like insertions within and around. Seems like one for the headphones. Jackets silkscreened by Josh Mead. Vinyl includes one track not available digitally. Edition of 300. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2010.


Treacherous Young Witches

(After Music Recordings) split LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Boy Dirt Car has got the drift again on this textural affair with layers of echoing and twisting noises, guitar undercurrents, razor'd electro interruptions and erosions. Their twenty-minute, bounce-heavy, clanking rhythm-bed, touched by marimba, fused with found sounds, is organic as a kitten and possessed as the Oracle's mono-toned pronouncements. On the flip, Andy Gallagher enlists the help of Mike Watt (Minutemen), Mike Hoffman, Steve Summers and Graham Brown for four songs. The instantly memorable opener “Should've Stayed in Bed” is reminiscent of a melancholy Grant Hart and won't leave your memory anytime soon. If you're into Dinosaur Jr and Sebadoh, Gallagher has you covered. Original artwork from Josh Mead and Astrid Young (Neil's sister). Edition of 300.