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Two thirds of the now defunct electro-trio Medio Mutante, José Cota (Ssleeperhold) and Mariana A. Saldaña (ex - //Tense//) continue to deconstruct, sharpen, and enhance their idiosyncratic cold wave tradition. Cota’s vivid analog compositions form a solid foundation for Saldaña’s indelible and predominantly Spanish vocals to sink into, reflecting a unique confluence of Texas’s vibrant electronic music scene with its rich and inextricable history of Hispanic culture. The dark romance of Saldaña’s alluring vocal delivery seamlessly oscillates between the sanguine and the apocalyptic with cold, stoic detachment. Cota’s bass-lines and sequences fuse into dense melodic structures that lock-in with his signature half-time drum beats, propelling each piece forward with aggressive momentum. With a variety of punchy downtempo swing rhythms Boan’s innovative vocabulary of beats makes room for deeper melodic refrains to confidently emerge while simultaneously drilling themselves deep into the unconscious. Saldaña suspends lurid and haunting lyrics above Cota’s rich bass lines and arpeggiator hooks, creating lush and complex melodies that are meticulously integrated with massive drum hits and intoxicating effects processing. Mentiras is deeply saturated with stereo chorus, reel-to-reel tape delay, and countless other elaborate studio experiments in order to create nuanced layers of vocals, drums, and musical phrasings that continually unveil refined subtleties with every repeat listen. Includes free download card