Music Is The Music Language

(Ikuisuus) Used CD $3.00

“The most abstract and phantasmagoric release yet from the prolific Ashtray Navigations collaborator and bass-player for The Wow. ‘Swing + Maths’ begins with a subtle electronic trill and what sound like haphazardly manipulated hand drums. One instantly gets the feeling of being trapped somewhere on the wrong side of the solar system. Suddenly we’re transported to the bottom of an ocean, seemingly inside a pedal-powered submarine, as ‘Mother Legato’ shifts the mood. On ‘Spacious Yowl,’ delicious acoustic guitar resta atop the diluted remains of a synthetic beast’s mating call. Echoey chirps wrapped up in a gooey amorphous hum are prevalent on ‘Overcome Your Infinity (Fornever).’ Subtly manipulated tribal percussion – undoubtedly produced electronically – on ‘Curiosity’ leads into a final acoustic guitar number, the lush ‘Serial Hoper.’ There’s no shortage of whirrs, chirps, hiccups and burps in the forty-odd minutes of engaging, envelope-pushing music here.” 8pp card jacket. From 2005