Axilogue / Thermidor One Five

(White Denim - WD12) 7-inch picture disc $10.00

Crafted in their fine tradition, Aufgehoben continue to carve harsh chunks of noise with their first departure on seven-inch vinyl. Guitar and electronics sound like neither, while sprawling percussion tumbles across the rotten landscape. The two tracks on this monochromatic record jump right for the jugular, leaving little time for subtlety or reflection. Not recommended for antique styluses. 524 copies


Fragments of the Marble Plan

(Holy Mountain - 1986) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Music as apocalyptic as Fragments of the Marble Plan has few peers, but some approximate touchstones are the most radically out and knotty moments of Norwegian post-jazz ensemble Supersilent, This Heat after realizing that Brise-Glace didn’t pay them a penny in royalties, or Farmers Manual after extensive immersion in Mainliner’s back catalog. Fragments of the Marble Plan is a terrifying force of nature, a Rube Goldberg machine run amok, the sound of civilization atomizing into controlled chaos. It’s so cold, it’s hellish. Although Aufgehoben feels your need for catharsis, they convince you that being ready to jump out of your skin is the new normal. Includes download coupon. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2012