(Pulled Out - PULL01) LP $20.50

Anthony Guerra, Matt Earle, Sumugan Sivanesan and Nick Dan summon the evil spirits in this documented live ritual that runs the gamut from Neu! metal pummel to sinecore minimalism. The Sydney quartet “ruck’n’wreck the classic bass, drums, guitar combo into a thick, crunchy gale of righteous off-kilter riot-groove,” observed UK porn mag The Wire, “The piece ends with a long and beautiful neon ribbon of feedback that carves a vivid sine-wave of blood-red intensity across a stage scene fading to black and bleeding carmine crimson around the after image of a group on fire.” Includes insert printed on thick pink card with individually hand numbered silk screened pink on black covers. Edition of 275 on one-sided hot pink vinyl with an etching by Rizili.