Brain Damage In Oklahoma City

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The second installment in the Siltbreeze / Quakebasket series of music by poet / mystic / shaman Angus MacLise. Culled from the archives of Mr. Tony Conrad, this volume (covering the years 1967-'70) highlights MacLise's unique and intricate drumming style. Cembalum, bongos, hand drum, barrel congas -- all are majestically thumped 'n' bumped for maximum orgasmic sensory satisfaction. Comprised of eight tracks, the acme of this collection is a pair of large ensemble pieces, "Dreamweapon Benefit for the Oklahoma City Police Dept. parts 1 & 2," featuring Angus (barrel conga), Hetty MacLise (tampura), the poet Jackson Mac Low (recorders and voice), Henry Flynt (song flute and voice) and Conrad (limp string). These tracks, recorded in May of 1968, are the apex of maximalist loft style psychedelic improvisation. Conrad's illuminating, occasionally hilarious liner notes set up the narrative of this volume and offer a brief glimpse into the mind-scrambling fracas that was NYC, USA, Earth, 1968. Along with more gorgeous, brain-warping Invasion-style sleeve art, included in the CD booklet is a reproduction of the poster for the Dreamweapon Benefit, confirmation in black and white that for four nights in May, 1968, Wooster Street Cinematheque was definitely one witchy place to be.


The Cloud Doctrine

(Sub Rosa - SR182) 2xCD $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

159 minutes of minimal electronic music, readings, and soundtrack pieces circa 1963-1976 by this avant-garde mad dog. Taken from his own archives and featuring contributions from Tony Conrad, John Cale, Piero Heliczer, Beverly Grant Conrad, and Hetty Maclise. Packaged with a historical text by Gerard Malanga, and unpublished photos.


The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda

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The first authorized collection of work to appear by this pure’60s free spirit, percussionist, poet, and founding member of the Velvet Underground. Includes the forty-five minute “St. Mark’s Epiphany,” and the complete version of “The Joyous Lake” heard here for the first time, and more.