Munterated Merropity

(Chocolate Monk - choc.560) Magazine + CDR $13.50

Whether or not you believe that the gloved mouse is pulling the levers to our reality, Kentucky curveball Andy Heck Boyd is here to bring more confusion to the seed swap. Priscilla Presley is watching Pinocchio on mute, someone decided to eat all Paul McCartney’s food, the mouse died three days in a row, there is a neon slime face-sit, and so much more to decipher. Just be sure to take a right at the end of Spalding Lane. Energize! Energize! Energize! 36 pages, color. Includes Parking Lot three-inch CDr featuring The Frankenberrys and The Gay Zorros, six-by-four photograph, and one-inch badge. Numbered edition of 54