Ghost Of Dada

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Announcing of invitation principles. In early 2020, Scott-Buccleuch asked Sharpley to edit his solo record. He sent over a lot of files (DIY circuit-bent improv, tape stuff, recordings of rugby club toilets, overt dregs of blank weather, streams, train stations, drones, all kinds of audio gunk and goof that he was supposed to edit into some kind of shape). Lasting streaks of veer. A collage record with Siggtrygur Berg Sigmarsson had been planned since 2019, so there on his desktop was a folder containing a lot of vocal improvisations and audio glitches. Sudden guest. Tongues well and truly bit. Mysteriously the contents of the two folders leaked into each other. When is a door not a jar? When it’s a door. So now there’s this trio record that preserves the integrity of the original material but also enjoys a fair amount of freehandedness, with a casual and light quality. Today ear. Tomorrow gone. Play by it. A chance meeting that was perhaps inevitable. Edition of 60