Slot Machine Music

(Hanson - HN271) LP picture disc $21.25

True ambient sound and untreated field recordings from middle American casinos — the Horseshoe in Cleveland and the one in Hammond, Indiana, and the Grand Victoria in Elgin, Illinois, originally released on CDRs (Ergot 2013). The “cornucopia of slot machine tones,” writes Rew, “triggering aleatorically and coalescing into shimmering masses…,” compelled him to “return and record the sounds that so entranced me … in a series of ambling recording sessions over a period of four months…. I learned a lot about casino sonics in the process: game designers, for example, tune their machines to the key of C in order to optimize harmonic cohesion; one team of designers, the story goes, even spent a month perfecting a single ‘ding’ sound on one machine.” Includes download card. Edition of 500