Carbon & Chairs

(Monotype - MONO046) CD $14.00

The second release by Vienna-based musicians and sound artists Andreas Trobollowitsch and Johannes Tröndle, who started collaborating in 2006 on sound composition, experimental radio plays, and manipulated field recordings. Beginning as an extension of their live electroacoustic duo Nörz, Carbon & Chairs pushes the instrumentation, structural complexity, and accessibility, which in turn convinced Trobollowitsch and Tröndle to christen themselves Acker Velvet, after the title of their previous Nörz album (Schraum 2009). The twelve tracks here are based on a series of improvisations, separately performed and recorded, and subsequently restructured and re-arranged on the computer. The results are dense and diverse, colorful and full of tension, settled somewhere between noise and harmony, collage and composition, experiment and pop. Viennese singer Werner Kitzmüller guests on one track.