Gone Aiwa

(Siltbreeze - SB150) LP $16.00

Together for a short period in 1983, Above Ground was a fleeting yet crucial component in early ’80s Christchurch DIY. Bill Direen (Vacuum, Bilders), Carol Direen, Maryrose Crook (Max Block, Renderers) and Stuart Page (Axemen) combined a detached Velvet Underground vibe, a smattering of early Modern Lovers keyboard angst, and some kind of Sky Saxon / Seeds psychedelic mojo. Originally a made-to-order cassette, Gone Aiwa was no stranger to the shelves at various NZ shops and tables at the occasional gig; other than two tracks ("To Kill A Bat" and "Gray Goose") that saw the light of day on The Bilders' retrospective Max Quitz CD (Flying Nun 1993), it's a near-certainty that everything here in previously unheard by little ol' you. Includes download card.