Brokebox Juke

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Recorded via correspondence between Buenos Aires and Brooklyn, the sounds of a full, multi-faceted band in a warm room rise from the vinyl as Courtis (Reynols) and Moore (Volcano The Bear) throw down delicious rhythmic textures, mariachi-tinged improv, brooding desert psych and more. In beautiful gatefold jacket with photos by Moore.



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Jump-cuts abound on the second postal collaboration by Reynols spokesmodel and one of the charming lads from Volcano The Bear, shifting the album through contrasting moods with cinematic élan. Touches of the anarchic and exotic, such as mbira, hazy Mexican-style trumpet, and Hawaiian guitar on “King Pancreas,” bring to mind Volcano The Bear, while melodic piano cells add a Cluster-like charm. The deeper and darker “Punk Butter,” with its layered, bowed drones that progress to a dissonant swell, concludes with thundering mallet-struck drums, impossible cymbals, and frantic slide work. Edition of 200.


The Point Of The Equator

(Chocolate Monk - choc.458) CDR $6.50 (Out-of-stock)

Musical eccentricity from the fine mind of him from Volcano The Bear, Wizards of Oi, Gospels Of Mars, who indirectly affirms that brain-damaged aliens disguised as avant garde percussionists rule the earth. This collection utilizes archive recordings, homemade instruments, a 21-year-old nephew (whatever the hell that’s supposed to be code for) and some stolen Chinese. Edition of 60