3 Toed Sloth

(Slothful - SLOTHFUL1) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Sharon and Andrew began playing together in Sydney in 1987; in early 1989, Tom from Feedtime joined them on drums for three years or so, during which they played twenty live shows and self-released this album in hand-screened jackets. They ran out of steam after jacket number 400 was done and forgot about the leftover platters, until recently, when they were found in a box under a friend’s house. Just under two decades is a long enough rest by almost anyone’s reckoning, so they fired up the screens and finished what they started. So, back story out of the way, why does this record make anyone go apeshit? Because it's “Aussie mongoloid stomp with a real thick air of psych damage, and even some sleazy horn movements,” as Negative Guest List has stated most emphatically.


... Against The Odds

(Unwucht - UN03) 2x7-inch $14.00

Six previously unreleased tracks of simian stomp, recorded live to half-inch tape in 1993. A planned seven-inch remained unrealized and the reels took a nap for seventeen years until Unwucht came to the rescue. Hand-photocopied gatefold sleeve, with a color postcard. Edition of 295.